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Prof. Jaebum Choo from Hanyang University of Korea Visits YIC-CAS

December 30, 2015, Prof. Jaebum Choo, from Hanyang University of Korea visited YIC-CAS.

During his visit, Prof. Choo gave an excellent lecture entitled “Highly Sensitive Nanoplasmonics-based Immunoassay”, presenting in-depth research explorations in simple terms. In his presentation, he reported a quick and reproducible novel surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-based microfluidic sensing technique, by elaborately using hollow gold nanospheres and magnetic beads, for a fast and highly sensitive immune analysis for various concentrations of biomarkers. Prof. Choo’s group has also fabricated corresponding potable detecting devices and successfully applied them to early cancer diagnosis. Prof. Lingxin Chen, Principal Investigator of “Environmental Microanalysis and Monitoring Laboratory” chaired the lecture, and he thought Prof. Choo’s research achievements have very important reference significances for our related researches. Interested research staffs and postgraduates attended the lecture conference, and carried out in-depth discussion on concerned academic issues/problems and further cooperation.

Jaebum Choo is a Head of Department of Bionano Engineering at Hanyang University, and a Director of BK21 Plus Bionano Fusion Progam. He is also the President of Korean Biochip Society in 2015. Prof. Choo has worked on SERS-based and microfluidic-based immunoassay. In recent years, his research interest is mainly centered on (a) development of integrated human sensing system for early diagnosis of intractable diseases, (b) SERS-based molecular imaging of specific biomarker expressed on cancer cells, and (c) development of fast and sensitive immunoassay technique using optofluidic nanosensor. Choo’s group has made great contributions in the above related aspects. He has published over 200 SCI papers in such international reputable journals as JACS, Nano Lett, Anal Chem and Lab Chip, and 5 monographs in English, as well as given over 150 invited oral presentations in international conferences. He possesses several professional memberships such as Editorial Board of Journal of Molecular Structure, Steering Committee Member of Society for Biomedical Photonics and Secretary General of Korea Biochip Society.


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