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3rd International Conference on Coastal Biotechnology was held by Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, CAS

The 3rd International Conference on Coastal Biotechnology (ICCB 2015) was held in Qingdao on 18-21 August, 2015. This conference was hosted by Chinese Academy of Sciences, organized by Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, CAS. Prof. Song Qin was the chairman of organizing committee and over 450 delegates from 9 countries attended the conference. Mr. Zuli Lv, who was the deputy chairman of Qingdao Association of Sciences and Technology, Mr. Baozhen Wei, who was the native fishery technology extending station and Mr. Qingchun Jiang who was the deputy head of Shandong Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries gave the welcome addresses in opening ceremony. Prof. Shouyi Zheng and Prof. Baorong Hou, who were the academicians of CAS, Mr. Naisheng Li who was the director of Shandong Provincial Department of Sciences and Technology, Mr Ju Zhou who was the head of Resources and Environmental Department, CAS, Prof. John van der Meer who was the former president of Pan-American Marine Biotechnology Association, Prof. Namik Aras who was the vice chairman of Asian Academy of Sciences and Society of Associations and Prof. Michael Borowitzka who was the chairman of International Society of Applied Algae were also invited and attended ICCB 2015.

International Conference of Coastal Biotechnology (ICCB) originated in 2012, Adelaide, Australia, was the first international conference series focus in coastal biotechnology. ICCB 2015 titled with “While global change and human activities reaching mesoscale, protection as well as utilization of coastal bioresources towards being integrated” included 3 sessions which were “Changes in Coastal Environment, Biodiversity and Bioresources”,“Proceeding of Coastal Biotechnology” and “Opportunities and Challenges in Coastal Bioindustry”. Based in the structure of the previous ICCB, 4 workshops were also held in ICCB 2015, included “1st Algal Summit”, “Sino-Pacific Forum on Coastal Bioindustry”, “Jerusalem Artichoke Industry Workshop” and “3rd Global Young Scientists Entrepreneurship (Blue Maker) Training Program”, to rich the communication strategies for international collaborations in coastal bioindustry and biotechnology fields.

ICCB 2015 aimed to attract more native scientists and entrepreneurs to join the ICCB international collaborations in coastal biotechnology and bioresources, and also offered the valuable reference and scientific support to the national policy of “one belt one road” and “Blue Barn”.

Above all, ICCB2015 was successfully held and further the international understanding of coastal sciences, which made a good base for the subsequent ICCB which would be held in foreign countries.

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