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“Shandong-South Australia Marine Biotechnology, Development of Industry and Innovation Fishery Cooperation Symposium” was held in YIC

“Shandong-South Australia Marine Biotechnology, Development of Industry and Innovation Fishery Cooperation Symposium” was held in YIC during Feb 25-26. Deputy director Prof. Song QIN hosted the conference which attended by 16 Scientists from Flinders University, South Australia and over 50 researchers and students of YIC.
Prof. QIN made the welcome speech to visitors and introduced the research subject composition, key study fields and latest study results of YIC. Prof. David Day who was the deputy president of Flinders University gave an overall introduction to the University. Attenders of both sides presented 17 reports and discussed in 4 subjects including Ecology and Environment, Natural Products Biology & Chemistry, Marine Bioprocessing and Clean Manufacture and Bioactivity Testing and Drug Development
In the end of the conference, a ‘Collaboration Memorandum on Establishment of “China-Australia Marine Fishery Innovation and Cooperation Centre”’was signed by Australia-New Zealand(ANZ) Marine Biotechnology Network, Shandong Fishery Society and Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research,CAS. This memorandum laid good foundations for China-Australia cooperation on the technology transforming and transferring, policy making and management in marine fishery, cultivation industry and processing.
Flinders University Located in the city of Adelaide in South Australia, Flinders University was established in 1966, taking its name after Matthew Flinders, a British navigator who explored and the surveyed the South Australian Coastline. Flinders has many achievements in innovative research, high quality teaching and community engagement. Its SARDI (South Australia Research Development Institute) Aquatic Sciences helps deliver the sustainable growth of South Australian aquaculture industries and protects Australian fishery resources and environments by the application of innovative sciences. Its major study fields including Aquaculture, Inland Waters and Catchment Ecology, Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries.

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